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Restoration Dentistry

Restorative dentistry involves specialized dental treatments to restore the health of the teeth and gums. In many cases, patients have severe damage to their smile or missing teeth that need to be replaced. At Riverwood Dental, we are proud to offer excellence in restoration dentistry. Our office offers a full range of services to repair existing teeth as well as implant restorations, bridges, crowns and dentures for teeth that are missing. Regardless of what your smile needs to regain beauty and function, we are confident we can exceed your expectations in restorative dentistry.

Full Mouth Dental Restorations

We rebuild smiles to last a lifetime! Our skilled restorative dentist offers full mouth dental restorations to help patients who have badly damaged teeth or multiple dental concerns. A full mouth reconstruction differs from a smile makeover in that it often consists of a combination of general, restorative and cosmetic procedures. Patients who have dental health issues that affect their entire mouths often find that a full mouth restoration is necessary. The extraction of all of the teeth can be a very overwhelming experience, and the professionals at Riverwood Dental value the importance of recreating your smile in a comfortable, patient-centered manner. Depending on your unique clinical needs and personal goals, your full mouth restoration may include one of more of the following:

Your customized full mouth restoration will promote optimal oral health and the transformation of your teeth into a dazzling new smile. Our specialists take the time to provide compassionate care to every smile, and modern amenities and sedation dentistry are offered to keep you at ease.

Restore Your Beautiful Smile

Whether your smile needs a full mouth dental restoration or a restoration on a much smaller scale, Riverwood Dental is the name that Atlanta residents can turn to for excellent care. We offer a full range of restorative dental services to bring your beautiful smile back into one that you are confident in showing off. Contact Riverwood Dental today to learn more about what a full mouth restoration can do for you.

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