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General Dentistry

Your smile is one of your most powerful assets. However, it’s not just for looks. The health of your teeth and gums play a critical role in your overall health, comfort and well-being. That’s why we work hard to help patients protect the smile they have as well as promptly repair dental issues when they arise. At Riverwood Dental, we are proud of our excellence in general dentistry. We can address all aspects of your oral health in the comfort of our Cumberland office. Whether you need preventative care or chipped tooth repair, you’ll find that our dental professionals offer a compassionate approach using the best technology and techniques in modern dentistry. Regardless of your stage of life, we are confident that we can maintain and restore the health of your smile!

We are known for our ability to serve your entire family with comfortable dental treatments in a friendly atmosphere. Since no two smiles are alike, our dentist also adheres to personalized dental treatments that are tailored to your unique needs, preferences and goals.

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