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Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain Relief

While dental pain is often difficult to ignore, it is your mouth’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Whether you have mild discomfort when eating or excruciating pain that developed overnight, we want to evaluate and treat your tooth pain as quickly as possible. At Riverwood Dental, we use advanced imaging and technology to determine the cause of your dental pain so that we can provide an effective, long-term plan for relief. Our widespread expertise in dentistry allows us to treat tooth pain from decay, gum disease, trauma and other concerns. Don’t ignore your dental discomfort. A healthy smile should never be painful!

A toothache can occur in patients of all ages, and it is not always preventable. Our priority at Riverwood Dental is to get you out of pain and restore the affected tooth to optimal health and function. This may involve a simple dental filling, a root canal, periodontal therapy or other specialized procedure. You can trust our skilled dentist to deliver excellence at every step, which always includes methods to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Our office offers sedation dentistry and same day appointments to ensure we address your tooth pain in the best manner possible.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Just like tooth pain, jaw pain is disruptive. It can threaten your ability to eat, speak and yawn. Your jaw muscles are under high demand throughout the day. When the jaw joint (TMJ) gets overworked or suffers excessive strain, you may feel the effects during simple routine jaw movements. Pain, stiffness or clicking in the jaw is often an indication of TMJ issues or TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). However, some patients experience discomfort in the jaw due to an impacted tooth, cyst or other dental complication. At Riverwood Dental, we are fully qualified to diagnose and treat all types of jaw pain in the comfort of our Cumberland office. Depending on the cause of your jaw pain, we can recommend an effective treatment plan to relieve your discomfort and restore your oral health.

Is tooth pain keeping you up at night? Does your jaw discomfort make it difficult to eat certain foods? Contact Riverwood Dental for help. We value the importance of a comfortable mouth. Our compassionate and highly skilled dentist will use the best of modern dentistry to help you find the relief you need and deserve. To ensure your tooth pain or jaw pain is treated in a timely manner, our Cumberland office proudly offers same day and emergency dentistry.

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