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Athletic Mouth Guards

An athletic mouth guard should be regarded as one of the most important types of sports equipment. Whether it is youth recreational sports or an adult weekend league, every mouth deserves to be protected from accidental trauma and injury. Unfortunately, mouth injuries are all too common in sports, especially those that involve high levels of contact. Players can experience irreversible damage to teeth, lacerations to gums and lips as well as serious jaw injuries. The best way to protect you or your child during active play is with a custom athletic mouth guard.

Riverwood Dental is proud to offer sports mouth guards with our general dentistry treatments that are ranked superior in quality, comfort and effectiveness. It has been shown that properly fabricated custom-made mouth guards by your dentist can reduce dental and mandibular injuries as well as lessen the rate of concussions. It is an easy and minor investment compared to the savings you’ll gain in dental repairs and peace of mind as your child plays contact sports.

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Custom Sports Mouth Guards for Ultimate Protection

When choosing a mouth guard for sports, there are countless options at nearby sporting goods stores. However, you should know that the level of protection and comfort from a stock, or boil-and-bite, mouth guard can be far inferior to the custom mouth guards we offer at Riverwood Dental. Unlike a store-bought model, a custom mouth guard is made from precise measurements of your bite and mouth. This allows for an optimal fit and ensures the mouth guard not only stays in place but is able to protect every crevice and groove of your smile.

We are proud to provide custom sports mouth guards that are FDA approved and meet criteria for adaptation, retention, comfort and stability of material. In addition, our mouth guards do not interfere with breathing or speaking, which is important for young athletes as they enjoy their chosen sport. Our dentist offers mouth guards for all ages, including patients who are wearing braces.

Need a mouth guard before the season starts? Our Cumberland staff welcomes the opportunity to protect smiles in every way possible. Getting an athletic mouth guard at our office is a simple and painless process. Contact Riverwood Dental today to learn more or to schedule your sports mouth guard fitting.

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