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Tooth Extractions

Removing a natural tooth is never our first line of treatment at Riverwood Dental. We offer a number of proven general dentistry treatments in tooth repair. However, there are times in which a damaged or decayed tooth simply can’t be saved. When a tooth is beyond repair or a threat to your oral health, our dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. Rest assured that we perform tooth extractions with conservative techniques and maximum patient comfort.

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There are a variety of reasons why a natural tooth may need to be extracted or removed in order to bring you out of pain or protect your smile, including the following:

  • Severe decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Extensive damage
  • Orthodontic preparation
  • Baby teeth that won’t fall out
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
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Regardless of why you need to have a tooth removed, you can expect a positive and rewarding experience from beginning to end at Riverwood Dental. Not only do we offer convenient scheduling, but we will also help you cover the cost of your tooth extraction with affordable financing and in-house payment plans. If tooth replacement is necessary, our office can provide the dental bridge, implant restoration or dentures you may need for a confident and complete smile.

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Damaged Tooth Removal

Whether it was due to poor dental hygiene or a traumatic mouth injury, removing a damaged tooth may be necessary in order to protect the rest of your smile. When removing damaged teeth, our skilled dentist uses careful techniques to remove the tooth while preserving as much healthy bone and tissue as possible. Patients also benefit from modern dental anesthetics and sedation dentistry to eliminate discomfort during the extraction procedure. Finally, before you leave our office, our dental team will explain any post-operative instructions needed to improve your healing and comfort at home.

For comfortable tooth extractions from an experienced family dentist, choose Riverwood Dentalchoose Riverwood Dental. We are dedicated to your smile health through all stages of life!

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