Our office at Riverwood Dental is designed with comfort and care in mind for our patients. You can expect friendly, helpful staff and the most advanced dental technology to make your visits more efficient and enjoyable.

Dental Sensors

Dental imaging is essential for performing accurate dental care. We have invested in dental sensors that give us high-resolution images for an accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, without needing intrusive x-ray machines and radiation exposure. Dental sensors offer a safer, more effective option for creating digital imaging for improved dental care.

Dental Sensors

Intraoral Cameras

It is important for patients to be involved in their oral health. Our dental team utilizes intraoral cameras that deliver digital images of the inside of the mouth to share with our patients. We can show patients what we see during our exams and explain the best treatment options for correcting dental damage to protect their smile and oral health.

Atlanta GA dental patient undergoing intraoral examination

DryShield Suctioning Device

Riverwood Dental has invested in the DryShield suctioning device to help facilitate quicker and more comfortable dental treatments. This single device provides suctioning, bite protection and a tongue shield to give our dental team a dry, easily accessible area for dental treatments. This tech device makes treatments faster for our patients and easier to perform for our dental team.

Woman with beautiful smile in a dental chair

Electronic Health Records

Our office utilizes digital technology for storing and sharing health records. We use electronic health records to cut down on paper use and make it easier for us and our patients to access information on their dental health. Digital records reduce waste and improve efficiency. We can easily send your records or dental images to another facility if you need specialized dental treatment.

Dentist revising electronic health records

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