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Teeth Whitening

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Have you ever wondered how a brighter, whiter smile can effortlessly take years off your appearance? At Riverwood Dental, your trusted Vinings dentist, we understand the transformative power of a radiant smile. Our professional teeth whitening services offer a convenient, budget-friendly solution to enhance your smile and boost your confidence. Serving the greater Atlanta area, we take pride in providing top-tier dental systems, including cutting-edge in-office teeth whitening technology and custom take-home whitening kits that deliver professional-grade results with a steadfast commitment to patient safety.

Why Do Teeth Lose Their Brilliance

Over time, teeth can lose their natural luster due to various factors.

Stain-Causing Foods and Drinks
Regular consumption of certain foods and beverages can contribute to teeth discoloration.

Smoking Habit
Smoking is a common cause of teeth staining and yellowing.

Natural Aging Process
As part of the aging process, teeth may naturally become less vibrant.

Regardless of the cause, if your smile has lost its luster, our experienced teeth whitening specialists are ready to unveil the beauty of your smile in Atlanta.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Over-the-Counter Options

While there are numerous over-the-counter teeth whitening options available, choosing a professional teeth whitening treatment from your dentist offers distinct advantages.

Effective Results
Professional treatments provide more effective and noticeable results compared to many over-the-counter products.

Customized Approach
Our dental professionals tailor the whitening treatment to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results without compromising your smile health.

Supervised Treatment
Under the guidance of our experienced team, you can trust that your teeth whitening procedure is conducted safely and with precision.

Our in-office teeth whitening technology is designed to deliver immediate results. In a single visit, you can experience a significant improvement in the brightness of your smile. The process is quick, efficient, and performed under the supervision of our skilled dental team.


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Embarking on the journey to a whiter, brighter smile has never been more effective and comfortable. At Riverwood Dental, we take pride in offering a teeth whitening method that stands out among professional-grade whitening systems—the KöR Bleaching System. This advanced system is highly effective in tackling stubborn stains and delivering the brilliance of ultra-white teeth. What sets KöR apart is not only its remarkable results but also its gentle approach, minimizing sensitivity while preserving the potency of the bleaching gel.

Why Choose KöR Bleaching System?

KöR is renowned for its ability to address even the most persistent stains, providing exceptional whitening results.

Designed to be gentle on teeth and gums, KöR reduces sensitivity commonly associated with teeth whitening treatments.

High Concentration
KöR is manufactured and delivered in a way that preserves the high concentration of the bleaching gel, ensuring optimal efficacy.

Customized Treatment
The KöR process involves two weeks of overnight whitening at home using precise, custom-fit trays tailored to your unique dental structure.

Intensive In-Office Session
For those seeking an extra boost, an intensive treatment session at our office can be combined with the at-home regimen to enhance the final results.

Ensuring Your Dental Health

While we take immense pleasure in providing patients with the opportunity to achieve a brighter smile, our commitment to your dental health is unwavering. Our skilled dental team conducts a thorough assessment to ensure your dental health is in optimal condition before commencing the teeth whitening treatment. This ensures a safe and effective whitening experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a radiant smile without compromising your overall oral health.

The KöR Whitening Experience at Riverwood Dental

  1. Consultation
    Begin your journey to a whiter smile with a consultation at Riverwood Dental. Our team will assess your dental health and discuss your teeth whitening goals.
  2. Custom-Fit Trays
    Enjoy the convenience of at-home whitening with precise, custom-fit trays designed to maximize the effectiveness of the KöR Bleaching System.
  3. Professional Oversight
    Our dental professionals oversee the entire process, ensuring that you achieve the desired results without compromising your oral health.
  4. Boost Your Results
    For those seeking accelerated results, an intensive treatment session at our office can be seamlessly integrated into your KöR whitening experience.

Customized Teeth Whitening Options

For patients who have severe discoloration, teeth whitening may not bring them the results they desire. In such cases, bonding or porcelain veneers may be more appropriate. Rest assured that our Atlanta dental practice has everything you need to smile confidently through all stages of life.

To learn more about our advanced KöR teeth whitening at Riverwood Dental, please contact our office today. It is an affordable solution that can make a dramatic improvement in your smile.

Teeth Whitening Consultation in Atlanta

Are brighter teeth your goal in Atlanta? At Riverwood Dental, we understand that less than white teeth can impact your confidence. Any substance that is capable of staining teeth is going to have an impact. However, sometimes teeth simply lose their shine as a result of the natural aging process. Whatever the cause, a teeth whitening consultation at our office will help you decide which treatment best suit your needs.

A comprehensive exam at Riverwood Dental is the only way to find an effective and safe treatment option for whitening teeth. Buying over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are always a gamble, and ordering products online can be outright dangerous. The best solution when you are not happy with the color of your teeth is seeking consultation with an experienced and understanding dentist. At Riverwood Dental, we are committed to ensuring every treatment is suited to the needs of our patients. We provide teeth whitening solutions that are tested and proven to work.

Ready to achieve your smile goals with Riverwood Dental, your trusted Vinings dentist?  Make an appointment for a teeth whitening consultation today. Based on a comprehensive exam, we can determine if there are any oral health issues resulting in your teeth losing color. Call today to speak to a member of our team who can guide you through treatment options. Brighter, whiter teeth are achievable!

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