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Delta Dental Insurance Accepted

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Keep your smile and those of your family members healthy and looking their best by making good use of your Delta Dental insurance dollars. Your dental insurance keeps dental care costs down by covering all or part of your dental care, depending on the dental coverage plan you have.

Many people do not realize how connected their oral health is to their overall health and well-being. Many serious health issues have been linked to poor oral health. Maximizing your dental insurance dollars not only keeps the smiles in your family healthy and looking good, but it may also impact general health. At Riverwood Dental, we can work with you to keep your oral health at its peak and help you manage your dental insurance dollars in the most effective manner.

Dentists that Accept Delta Dental

Delta Dental is one of the most widely accepted dental insurance plans, and we are happy to help our patients make the most of their coverage. It begins with preventive care, which is fully covered by your Delta Dental policy.

Your comprehensive oral exam will reveal any dental issues that need to be addressed. A professional teeth cleaning will include a check for any signs of gum disease and will get your teeth looking and feeling great. At Riverwood Dental, we also screen for oral cancer. This painless screening could save your life if the early signs of cancer are detected.

Depending on which dental plan you have, your Delta Dental insurance will cover general and some restorative dental procedures. If your oral exam shows that you need additional dental care, we will create a treatment plan and help you map out the most efficient way to use your dental insurance dollars. You need to be aware of deductibles, time restrictions and lifetime limits.

Make good use of your Delta Dental insurance at Riverwood Dental. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment for preventive dental care. Keep your smile and the smiles in your family healthy and beautiful with regular visits to your dentist.

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