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Getting the Most Out of Your OrthoFx Aligners

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Gone are the days when patients were forced to wear metal braces to straighten their teeth. Today, modern orthodontics can involve wearing clear aligners to create a more attractive and aligned smile. At Riverwood Dental, we proudly offer OrthoFx as a top choice in clear aligner orthodontics. OrthoFx has all the benefits of Invisalign, but with the ability to move teeth faster, with a weekly change in custom aligners instead of bi-weekly.

Beyond its clear and barely visible design, OrthoFx has the highlighted benefit of being removable. Not only can you remove your aligners to eat, but you can also take them out to brush and floss. This can eliminate many of the challenges that traditional orthodontic patients face when keeping their teeth and gums healthy during braces treatment. However, while OrthoFx aligners are markedly easy and highly convenient, they still require proper care.

Tips for Caring for OrthoFx Aligners

At Riverwood Dental, we want our patients to get the most out of their OrthoFx treatment, which inevitably means protecting and caring for the aligners themselves.

OrthoFx clear aligners require regular care and maintenance to ensure they are effective and comfortable throughout your treatment. Here are some tips for caring for your OrthoFx clear aligners:

  • Brush and floss regularly: Brush and floss your teeth after every meal before putting your aligners back in. This will help prevent bacteria and plaque buildup, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Clean your aligners: Use a gentle toothbrush to clean your aligners daily, using lukewarm water and a mild soap. Avoid using hot water or harsh chemicals, as this can damage the aligners.
  • Soak your aligners: Soak your aligners in a cleaning solution, such as OrthoFx aligner cleaner or a denture cleaner, once a day to help remove any buildup or discoloration.
  • Handle with care: Always handle your aligners gently to avoid damaging them. Never bite down on them, as this can cause them to crack or break.
  • Wear them as directed: Be sure to wear your aligners for the recommended amount of time each day, typically between 20-22 hours per day. Remove them only when eating, brushing, or flossing.
  • Keep them safe: When not in use, keep your aligners in their case to protect them from damage or loss.
  • Schedule regular check-ups: Schedule regular check-ups at Riverwood Dental to ensure your treatment is progressing as planned and to address any issues that may arise.

By following these care tips, you can help ensure that your OrthoFx clear aligners are both effective and comfortable throughout your treatment. Most of all, you can achieve the best possible results and maximize your orthodontic investment. To learn more about the benefits of OrthoFx clear aligners, please call our Atlanta dental office today.

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