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The Implant Process

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The first step is placing the implant into your jawbone. After your jawbone fuses with the implant, a small connector post called an abutment is placed on top of the implant. Finally, a crown that looks like a real tooth is placed on the abutment. This process typically takes several months to complete to allow for proper healing and fusing at each stage.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer several advantages over other options like bridges and dentures. They prevent bone loss in the jaw that occurs when teeth are missing. They also provide a permanent solution with teeth that look and feel natural. Implants allow you to eat all of your favorite foods without worry and enable you to smile, talk, and laugh with confidence.

With caring dentists and today’s advanced technology, dental implants have become an accessible and realistic option for many people dealing with tooth loss. They provide comfort, stability, and an improved quality of life. If you’re struggling with missing teeth, dental implants could be the answer you’ve been looking for to restore your smile and confidence. Talk to your dentist today to find out if you’re a candidate for this life-changing treatment.

Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

A Natural Looking Smile

Dental implants look and feel like real teeth. Unlike dentures or bridges, implants are placed directly into your jawbone, so no one will ever know they aren’t your natural teeth. Implants prevent bone loss and gum recession in the areas where teeth are missing.

Improved Speech

With implants, you’ll speak clearly again without worrying if your dentures might slip or click. Securely anchored implants allow you to speak naturally without hesitation or embarrassment.

Easier Eating

No more restrictions on soft foods. With dental implants, you can eat whatever you want again. Bite into an apple or corn on the cob without discomfort. Implants feel like natural teeth, so you can enjoy all your favorite foods with confidence.

Improved Oral Health

Implants make it much easier to maintain good oral hygiene. You can brush and floss normally without dentures or bridges getting in the way. Proper hygiene helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease for long-term oral health. Implants also help prevent bone loss and may help stop further tooth loss.

Long-Lasting Solution

Dental implants are a permanent solution and can last a lifetime with good care. While the initial cost may be higher than other options, implants can save money and hassle in the long run. No need for messy adhesives or frequent replacement like dentures. Implants provide a stable, long-term solution so you can smile brightly for years to come.

Convenience and Comfort

Dental implants eliminate the discomfort and inconvenience of dentures and bridges. No more loose, ill-fitting dentures or temporary bridges to deal with. Implants feel natural and stay securely in place so you can enjoy life with confidence and comfort.

The Dental Implant Procedure Step-by-Step

The journey to a bright new smile begins with a consultation. We’ll sit down together and discuss your options for replacing your missing teeth, including dental implants. If implants seem like the right choice for you, we’ll devise a customized treatment plan.

Consultation and Planning

First, we take dental X-rays and 3D scans to evaluate your jawbone and determine if you have enough bone to support implants. We’ll also discuss the design of your new smile, including the number of implants and type of replacement teeth.

Preparing the Jawbone

If you need bone grafting, we’ll do that first to build up your jawbone. This can take several months of healing before implants can be placed.

Placing the Implants

Once your jawbone is ready, we’ll set up your next appointment to place the implants. This procedure is done under local anesthesia to numb the area. We make small incisions in your gums to access your jawbone and gently place the implants in the pre-drilled channels. The incisions are closed with stitches and left to heal for several months as the implants fuse to your jawbone.

Attaching the Replacement Teeth

When your implants have fully integrated, we’re ready to attach your replacement teeth. For individual crowns, we take impressions to create custom teeth matched to your natural teeth. For dentures or bridges, we attach the new teeth directly to the implants or to a custom bridge that is then connected to the implants. With the final attachment of your new teeth, your smile makeover is complete!

Dental implants provide a long-lasting solution for missing teeth that allows you to eat naturally and smile confidently again. The process does take several months and multiple visits, but the end result is a natural-looking smile that can last for decades with good care. We’re here to guide you through each step to ensure the best results. Are you looking for a dental implant in Vinings? Request an appointment here: Schedule Appointment or call Riverwood Dental at 770-955-2505. We also serve neighboring towns including Smyrna, Buckhead, Marietta, Sandy Springs, East Cobb, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, and Roswell.

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