Sedation Dentistry

Does fear or anxiety keep you from seeing the dentist? You are not alone. Many patients avoid or put off the dental treatments that their smile needs due to their uneasiness about spending time in the dental chair. Riverwood Dental aims to change that. Not only have we created a calming and friendly office environment, but we also provide sedation dentistry to ensure your dental treatments are as painless and relaxing as possible. Our sedation dentistry is safe and available for all ages and types of dental procedures. Whether it is a routine cleaning or a lengthy restorative treatment, we can take away your anxiety while you relax in the dental chair. 

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is one of the safest and most effective forms of sedation dentistry. It involves wearing a small nosepiece and gently breathing in a colorless, sweet-smelling gas. This blend of oxygen and nitrogen oxide puts patients in a highly relaxed state while still allowing them to breathe and communicate on their own. Nitrous oxide can be adjusted throughout your procedure, and the effects wear off within minutes of removing the mask. When choosing nitrous oxide sedation, you will be able to drive yourself home safely with no lingering side effects throughout the day.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right For You?

At Riverwood Dental, we are equipped to give your smile what it needs to be healthy and confident. However, we also care about how you feel while you are here. Our sedation dentistry services are just one way that we can help your family relax and even enjoy dental care. We realize that there are many reasons why a patient may need sedation dentistry, including dental anxiety, physical or mental limitations, difficulty sitting still, fear of needles or a severe gag reflex. Regardless of your reason, nitrous oxide sedation can help you receive the dental treatments you would otherwise have avoided. Professional dental care is a critical component of your oral health as well as your overall well-being. To learn more about sedation dentistry in Atlanta, GA, or to schedule your next relaxing dental visit, contact our office today!

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