Why You Shouldn’t Dread Your Root Canal

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Root canal therapy has gotten a bad and very misfortunate reputation. Many patients wince at the thought of getting a root canal, despite the dental pain they may be already feeling at the time. The truth is, a root canal is a time-tested endodontic treatment that can not only bring you out of pain, but save your dying tooth. Most importantly, there is nothing to fear about the procedure itself.

Root canals are recommended for patients who have an infected tooth. When bacteria is allowed to penetrate the inner pulp of the tooth (either due to severe decay or other tooth damage), then the nerves and livelihood of the tooth becomes compromised. A root canal is performed to remove the infected tooth pulp and sanitize the inner canals to eradicate lingering bacteria. The inside of the tooth is then filled with a special filling material to prevent further infection.

If you have been told you need a root canal, don’t dread or put off the procedure. Learn these truths about root canal therapy and schedule your appointment sooner rather than later:

Root Canals are Not Painful

Contrary to popular belief, getting a root canal is no more painful that getting a dental filling. Thanks to modern anesthetics, sedation dentistry and more calculated techniques, the discomfort is very minimal compared to the pain you’ve been enduring from an infected tooth.

Root Canals Bring Quick Relief

There’s nothing worse than tooth pain. If you have an infected tooth, you are likely finding it difficult to eat, sleep or even concentrate. When the infection is removed during a root canal, your pain can instantly be eliminated as well.

Root Canals are Cheaper Than Extractions in the Long Run

Many people falsely assume that extracting the infected tooth is the better and more affordable option. While it is true that your pain can be relieved in this way, the long-term consequences should be considered. When a tooth goes missing, it should always be replaced. This typically involves a bridge or dental implant, which will end up causing you much more in time and expense than a simple root canal procedure.

At Riverwood Dental, we take pride in our ability to provide painless root canals to save dying and infected teeth. We use advanced technology and experienced techniques to ensure your natural smile is restored and preserved in the best ways possible. If you are suffering the pain of an infected tooth, please call our office today to get the relief you need and deserve.

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