Help, My Dental Crown Fell Off!

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Dental crowns save the day for many patients. They can effectively restore a tooth that has been damaged from severe decay or trauma. However, just like real teeth, dental crowns can suffer damage or failure during their lifespan. Here’s what to do when your dental crown falls off unexpectedly:

#1 Stay Calm

While it may be frightening to lose your dental crown, try your best to stay calm. Though alarming or even painful, your detached dental crown can be fixed!

#2 Assess the Damage

Your plan for putting the dental crown back in place is largely dependent on the state or condition of the crown. Find your dental crown (if possible) and take a good look. You may notice a tooth inside the crown or a tiny piece of metal (the crown’s post or attachment part). It is also helpful to determine if the crown has been damaged or broken. You should then present your findings to your dentist.

#3 Call Your Dentist

Calling your dentist as soon as possible is one of the most important steps you can take when your crown suddenly falls out. Based on the information you provide, your dentist can tell you if you need to come to the office for a same day appointment or simply schedule within the week.

#4 Clean the Crown

If you have the crown in your possession, you should clean it gently. Place it in a safe place so that you can bring the crown with you to your dental appointment. In many cases, the same crown can be reattached – saving you time and money in repairs.

#5 Protect Your Tooth

Keep in mind that your crown was doing an important job in your mouth. It was protecting a damaged or severely weakened tooth. Without a crown, this tooth may be extra vulnerable to decay and sensitive to touch and temperature. If you can’t see your dentist right away, you may consider buying temporary dental cement from your local pharmacy to protect the tooth until your crown is replaced.

#6 Avoid Certain Foods

To further protect the exposed tooth where your crown fell off, you should avoid hard, chewy or crunchy foods. You may also want to stay away from hot soup or ice cream to avoid discomfort.

#7 See Your Dentist

The final step in your action plan is to see your dentist, which most likely will be an emergency dental visit. From here, you can let your dentist take over with your remaining treatment. Regardless of how your crown fell off or the amount of damage your crown suffered in the process, rest assured that there are ways to restore your tooth and crown back to full integrity and health.

Need to schedule dental crown repairs with a trusted family dentist? Call Riverwood Dental. We proudly offer same day dentistry and emergency dental appointments for situations just like these. We will also explain how you can prevent your crown from falling off again!

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